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My name is Kate and 10 years ago Out of the blue I developed very high blood pressure.
I was a very healthy mum, working full time and looking after elderly parents.I ate well, drank very occasionally, never smoked and exercised alot.
I started to experience strange symptoms, such as exhaustion, feeling constantly thirsty, leg twitches, digestive problems and heart palpitations but none of my Doctors could find anything wrong.
I had numerous blood tests and scans but they all were normal.I started to feel as if I was going crazy!
At this time too, my potassium levels kept decreasing to dangerously low levels.
I was hospitalised twice, given intra-venous potassium then sent home for the whole cycle to begin again.
Finally I was referred to an amazing gastroenterologist with persistent bloating.
He thoroughly listened to my journey and advised lots of blood tests .
Eventually, after a long and stressful journey I was diagnosed with Conns syndrome and immediately sent to an endocrinologist for treatment.
This was almost 2 years ago now, although I am on medication the damage has been done.
I have permanent bloating, early satiety and pain after eating plus numerous other complaints.
If I hadn’t seen that gastroenterologist I doubt I would be here today. The low potassium also affected my heart muscle.

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