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It was the day in 2019, I was driving my bike. Suddenly I can’t see and Zigzag, blind spot came into my eyes ( Migraine with aura). From then till today I am suffering with IBS and Migraine ( heaviness under left eye). I diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia. I have used many antibiotics, PPI ( Proton-pump-inhihibitor). Nothing did work for me. Constantly gas trapped in left side of my belly button and I feel heavy feeling in area under my left eye( like someone pressed the area with fingers). Both happens at same time. My brain doesn’t work during the attack and I can’t think clearly ( Brain Fog). When the traped gas passes out everything comes back to normal. There is an obvious link between my IBS and Migraine. I am using Meva-C (Mebeverine Hydrochloride) prescribed by my doctor Dr. A Shetty and that helps me a bit. I was a scholar from my childhood. I had fixed my target to being an IAS/IPS Officer. But the goal cant be achieved with this IBS related symptoms. I am working in a Trust now. But this IBS and Migraine do not let me utilise my full potential in my professional job also. Life is very unpredictable. And I am not giving up. I am experimenting to manage my IBS always with diet, exercise and stress management. Still don’t know what is written in my fate.

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