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My GERD story starts in October 2018, when I moved into my first year college dorm. I was really worried and anxious all the time because I was without my family and due to COVID, I was by myself in a big room all the time and I was always so sad.

Around October I started noticing weird chest discomfort, especially when I take deep breaths, and when I ate food I felt like I had to drink a lot of fluid and burp a lot cause it felt like something was getting stuck in my throat.

When my mom picked me up for thanksgiving break in November 2020, I think I experienced the scariest night of my life. I kept trying to take deep breaths and I couldn’t and I was acted and j felt like I was going to die.

Fast forward to now, I’ve been to the ER, a gastroenterologist, a walk in clinic, and now I am taking: Pristiq at 100mg for anxiety, Prilosec 20mg for acid reflux, and I had two upper endoscopy this year, as well as an MRI, Barium Swallow and PillCam. It’s been living hell and I’ve never been so depressed and sad. I’ve missed out on so much and I just want my life to go back to normal.

I also had stomach ulcers from January 2021 until July 23rd (I’ve basically been on a diet all year avoiding fast food, spicy food, pizza, tomato sauce, ice cream, soda, and a lot of my favorite foods). I f*cking hate this and I want it to go away

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