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Hi my name is Carol and I have suffered from IBS for about 12 years now. The hardest part for me and still is the accepting I have it. It impacts the quality of your life so much. For many years I had the bloating diarrohea kept the food diary’s altered and changed my diet cutting out dairy wheat etc. You name it I tried a year ago I tried the low fodmap and this really helped the bloating side. But like everything your so restricted everytime you eat something you have to consider will this cause IBS symptoms its tiring and draining. The hardest for me is the travel going anywhere I am constantly thinking is there a bathroom will I get caught out. Imagine someone seen it. It’s very hard to get out of that mindset. I now when commuting to work once a week take lomitol and that I feels helps. I even wear bicycle shorts under dresses at summer and bring extra clothes if I need them. Now I have only been caught out once and that was abroad 10 years ago. I have not tried counselling I don’t really feel its my thing but we never say never I might try that and see. I don’t get the gas or diarrohea much its the severe bloating after food and the worry of travel for me. I can look 5 months pregnant from eating absolutely nothing in the day.

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