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Even as a young child, I remember having what they called a “nervous stomach.” Forward to College and going to Law school, I noticed that a little anxiety while doing an oral exam and I my stomach was turning “upside down.” This would often happen so I dropped out of law school. Got married, had children and was a stay home wife & mother, and I would have episodes of diarrheoa that brought me twice to the ER. I had a complete GI series & colonoscopy at age 33, (I am now 71 y/o), and the findings was I had hypermotility of the colon. I was then put on a strict diet which left me so depressed, as a result , I had to deal with both depression & the recurrent digestive problem. It was later on that my symptoms pointed to IBS. Sometimes stress would trigger a flare up, but often times, its food. I take Mabeverine as soon as I feel I was going to have a flare up, also take ginger or turmeric tea. Recently my gastro prescribed probiotics to be taken daily. At the moment I am experiencing another flare up because of the spicy & garlicky food we had the past days. One of the unpleasant feelings of having flare ups is the frustration that this disease is unpredictable & no medicine can completely cure it. It really affects QOL

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