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I have something similar to gastroparesis, its called funcional dyspepsia. It is functional because in the laboratory exams, doctors didn’t find anything organic.

Functional dyspepsia is very similar to gastroparesis.

I can’t digest food well, as soon as I am done eating, I feel very full, and it last for hours, literally hours.

It is pure stomach discomfort.

One doctore told me that my stomach does not contract well. The funcion of the stomach is to contract itself in order to break food. But mine doesn’t do that properly.

I feel bad after almos every meal. It is very sad, it actually destroyed my life.

I can’t tolerate fat. I can’t tolerate a normal size meal, not even talking about a big one.

You all kinda know what I am talking about.

It is a slow, lazy stomach, that does not do its job well, and after eating, I feel bad.

I had to cut a lot of stuff of my nutrition. It is so sad. Living knowing you can’t eat. You can’t go to a birthday and eat happy. You can’t go to a restaurant. You can’t enjoy meals with people. You are the only one who can’t eat and who always have to do explanations to everyone.

But besides everything, the worst of all is the stomach discomfort after eating. It is so hard, it is so heavy, and it lasts hours, it is like you can’t ever digest your food. It is horrible

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