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hi people,
I read many stories, I think mine is nothing new to add as content BUT I really want to point to you all, after all the struggles (mentally and phisically), challenges, pains and aches that IBS and other digestive disorders can bring to us, the possibility of spiritual realization that this condition offers. that’s why we came on this earth. Realizing who we are, beyond our stories and suffering, won’t take away pain, but will make you love life every second, no matter what is happening or not. Otherwise you’ll just go on suffering as a little me separated from the rest of the universe, which most of the population does, even the “healthy” ones. Check out Eckhart Tolle’s work (audio, books, videos) and start your journey.
Having said that, on a practical level, low-FODMAP diet really did the only useful job for me.

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