Back in the late 60s I was having UTI infections that required antibiotics, no one was talking about Candida or other Intestinal bacterial overgrowth in the Gut. I never got a good explanation of why these infections kept getting worse. Later I took a test for Hypoglycemia and added that to my list, Then I was tested and diagnosed with a Hiatal Hernia. I had Constipation back then
and later found out it was Low Motility. I avoided medications and Laxative except for non-stimulating remedies and flaxseed, Much later I was treated for pelvic floor disorder but still was not linking all these symptoms which seemed to be very distinct and seperate in their symptoms, By now I was using Enemas daily and Flaxseed and Coffee to deal with constipation.
I has my first Colonoscopy in about 2000 and was told I should have another every 5 yrs.due to my Mothers death in 1971 of Cervical Cancer and colon blockages. I was reporting various changesin bowel habits to my GYN but not understand why things were changing until about 6mo ago when I heard bout SIBO. I had already decided I had Leaky Gut but didn’t really understand it. By now I saw that I had all the symptoms of Methane SIBO.
I have still not had any tests like Lactulose nor been able to find a Naturopathic Dr. My Health Insurance Company will not cover such Drs nor do they have Functional Medicine Drs. But that is the direction in which I am moving. This is of course much more to my story, but in an effort to keep it brief I have left out alot.

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