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Starting as a teenager, through my life, chronic heartburn and chronic broncitis. At age 65, started coughing and clearing my throat, non-stop. Many G.P’s, E.N.T, Pulmonary, Heart, Allery, Thyroid specialists later. This took about five years, No one gave me an answer! I thought of a Gastro doctor in Dec.2019, Endoscopy done, D.X=Gerd, hiatial hernia, pre-Barretts, Lipoma on my esopagus. Surgery needed. Hospitals closed, due to pandemic, Opened up May 2020, Surgery done Linx device implanted, repairs done, Sept 2020 broncitis again. Started coughing and clearing my throat, with now a squeeking sound off and on from my (it feels) voice box. New E.N.T Feb.2021 tube down my nose to throat, “You have L.P.R”. On P.P.I’s Still coughing at night alot, still clearing my throat. I have tryed and read everything. Food now is my enemy. No joy from eating. Did not have a weight problem and ate extremely healthy. I fear loosing to much weight. L.P.R is a curse.

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