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Very first time I experienced this reflux was when I took a run, suddenly my heart beat so fast and I felt dizzy. I almost past out but I tried my best to last until someone came for help. We went to the ER and ran some tests (ECG, CBC, xrays), all are normal. They sent me home after giving me medication. Later afternoon, it happened again. ER again and I was diagnosed with GERD. Gave me Omeprazole thru my veins. Instant relief compared when being taken orally. I decided to b admitted. Additional tests are done- ultrasound, thyroid tests, heart tests. All normal. They gave me Omeprazole when I was discharged. First few days were good, so I stopped the taking medication cause it is making me feel dizzy always. And then suddenly it came back. I consulted to a Gastro doctor online (cause it is covid season), he gave me Panto Plus and another one for the dizziness or 2 weeks straight and another 2 weeks when I followed up. I cannot say it is really effective, cause there are still symptoms and I have gone from 149 to 129 lbs instantly cause I am so careful on what I eat. I experienced those side effects from PPIs, muscle pain, tiredness, dizziness, vitamin B deficiency. So I decided to stopped it and decided just to make some changes with the food and the way I eat and try to manage this stress and anxiety that I feel cause I have never been sick for this long. It worked and I have managed it for months. The only trigger that I noticed was my anxiety or my mood. If that gets triggered, my stomach started to have butterflies in it and begin showing symptoms of reflux. My last two trips to the ER were stress related. The last one was the worst cause even little drip of water and food make me want to throw up. And there are too much saliva in the throat that does not go away whenever you swallow it.

Sometimes I thought that what I have isn’t acid related cause there has never been pain, not triggered by any food that I eat, one instance I tried to take antacid for fast relief but it did not worked and instead made it worse (this was my 3rd trip to the ER). Maybe it is stress related, that’s why now I tried to consult a psychologist how to manage this anxieties.

I still have plans to let it check thru endoscopy and different tests of course, but of all, we know our bodies well and we should listen to it. Explore options and try our best not to panic.

I hope my story helps a lot of people and I do pray we all heal from this shitty feeling.

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