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My story began when I was born in October of 1980, from then onwards for the better part of a decade I wore diapers/nappies mostly because I was and still am autistic.

I was fully potty trained at the age of six, however I still wore diapers until I turned the age of 10 in 1990, due to bed wetting and day time accidents.

I always had problems with my bladder intermittently but always was able to deal with it and it had seemingly disappeared

And that was until 2010, when aged 30 my bed wetting and day time accidents re occurred without any warning and as a result I decided to go back to wearing diapers virtually all the time.

I did go to the doctor’s to find out why I was having problems with incontinance at my age and sll it came back with wa a diagnosis of a weak/over active bladder as they couldn’t find any diffinitive reason for my problems.

And to make things worse I was told I was lazy and that I was doing it on purpose something that I firmly refuse to believe.

I believe that was caused by past epilepsy which the doctor never asked me about which I suffred from when I was a adolescent in 1992/1993.

Although since then I have come to terms with the fact that I will be in diapers/nappies for the rest of my life and that doesn’t bother me one bit even-tough some times it makes me look like an over-grown toddler or infant.

And now that I am 41 coming on for 42 I wear diapers mostly at night as I am a heavy sleeper and wearing diapers makes me feel more comfortable and less worry-some/stressed out and grouchy.

I dont see anything wrong with wearing diapers as ther’e just another form of underwear/clothing although more convient because they can be changed into and out of when needed.

I think that the old stigma attached to people who wear diapers should be changed as diapers aren’t just for babies or toddlers anymore and anyone at any age or stage in their lives can wear them for any reason, be it for a medical condition or personal and its because of that I will never ever pre-judge anyone.

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