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I have been a sufferer of constipation since I was a boy. I am now 65 years old and have Parkinson for 15 years. As I am aware, most patients of Parkinson usually have constipation and I am not an exception.

My constipation symptoms has been deteriorating as my age grows and my stool has grown drier, harder and thicker and more and more difficult to pass out. Everyday is a struggle.

I was determined to rid of this unrelenting problem and live a happy life. Therefore I embarked on a game changing plan.

1. Exercise
I understanding that exercise is the source of improving our overall well being, and constipation is a sickness of the bowel; a sickness of the digestive system. To find an exercise that targets the bowel is crucial. This exercise must be simple, practical, and readily available to everyone and to me I have settled on walking. Lately, I have picked up walking 45 mins. to 60 mins each day as the exercise to fight the sickness, and the result has been promising. At the end of my walk each day, the urge of pooing would come back, which urge I have lost long time ago.

2. Avoid constipating food
Many food are not conducive to your health and may cause constipation. Make sure you don’t consume any such food, and you can always Google to find out which food you should take and which not.

The crucial food
One crucial food one must take to rid constipation is food containing high fibre. To me, this is the most important step to take among all others. Every morning for breakfast I will take a good portion of all bran high fibre cereal with almond milk. And each meal I take during the day, I will follow by one generous portion of all bran high fibre cereal with almond milk. This ensures that all food we intake the whole day are all fibrous. I do not use dairy milk in the cereal nor adding sugar as both may cause constipation.

Posture in pooing
The importance of posture in pooing is to effectively pass out the poo. When sitting on the toilet, use a small stool about 8 inches high to rest your sole on. Then grab your knees with both hands, then inhale while pressing your body down on your thigh and slowly pulling the knees towards you. This will reduce the space in your abdomen squeezing the poo out. Alternatively you can grab your leg near your ankle.

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