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I promise to make this brief.

Out of no were, this nightmare began in March of 2016. It started with a simple cold and sore throat. Since I have asthma, I called the doctor for an appointment. I was in fear of my cold going from zero to a hundred.

After the examination, my doctor thought I might have strep throat; as a result, she ordered a throat culture.

Typically, the results take a couple of days to return. So, as a preventative measure, I was treated with an antibiotic. Several days passed with no improvement, and suddenly, I couldn’t consume or digest anything (not even water).

As a result, I lose 40 pounds in less than a month. Honestly, I became so malnourished that {I could barely stand on my own or bath myself}.

After several hospitalizations, countless ER visits, and two surgeries, I was finally diagnosed with this Debilitating Digestive Disorder GASTROPARESIS.

Consequently, the doctors sent me home with a pamphlet of what not to eat and a prescription for five months of liquid antibiotics (to be taken before each meal}. The meals that I can’t digest right?? LOL. Eventually, I became so weak I needed a home healthcare nurse.

The Painful Reality, understanding that “Healthcare professionals
don’t quite understand this disease or its effects”.

One day the nurse conveyed that if I didn’t begin to eat, I would need a feeding tube. I became so angry, I wanted to {Scream} “This is not Deliberate, I can’t digest any Food” but I was too weak, too drained to defend myself.

Managing/ Alterative Options
As you may be aware, there is limited information about treating and managing Gastroparesis. I was beginning to give up hope. Honestly trying to function normally was so overwhelming, I started begging GOD to just let me die.

Meanwhile, my husband, kids, and family members did extensive research and found that Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture} has some positive results. Therefore, out of Desperation, I give it a try. Honestly, Acupuncture is my SAVING GRACE.

In the beginning, I had two to three Acupuncture sessions a week for well over a year.; this helped reduce the {chronic nausea with fatigue}.

Today, I’m able to digest mashed potatoes, soups made with bone broth, white rice, and small pieces of grilled chicken.

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