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I’ve had indigestion issues all my life but at age 35 I began taking PPI’s which eliminated any need for antacids and I could eat/drink anything without concern. Two years ago, age 58, I woke up with the taste of acid in my mouth which I had never experienced.

I went to see a Gastro Dr, had endoscopy, ph monitoring, and motility test. Found out my LES doesnt close, my reflux was non acidic (PPIs still working), and my esophageal motility was weak (not a candidate for the Lynx procedure). Surgically I had a hiatal hernia repair along with a 270 degree nissen fundoplication.

After all that I continue to wake up with the taste of bile in my mouth, experience it all day long, and eat Gaviscon tablets and gum constantly to stop the discomfort. My only relief is having a couple strong drinks with dinner which either relaxes my LES or numbs everything until morning.

My fear is the non acidic reflux is damaging my esophagus and Im living on borrowed time. 

Just looking for anyone else who might be dealing with this scenario.


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