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I’ve been struggling with IBS with diarrhea and constipation for last 3 years. I never had the horrible stomach pains but as a result from the IBS I do suffer immensely from hemorrhoids. I used to have it under control I thought with just minor flare ups here and there but recently the pain has been simply unbearable. It recently ruined a trip I had with my boyfriend where we couldn’t go out because of the pain it left me in I couldn’t walk. Randomly the pain creeps up on me. I know hemorrhoids are a symptom of my IBS so I’m trying to cure my IBS with diet it’s so hard trying to find out what to cut out. Low Sugar , no gluten? Low fodmap foods no dairy ? It sucks Because I’m such a foodie I’ve always loved food even though as a vegetarian I’ve thought I’ve eaten somewhat healthy. Im discouraged to go to the doctor because last time they just told me to eat more fiber and drink more water but I already do that! And the surgery to remove the hemorrhoids was discouraged too my doctor told me it’s an extremely painful recovery and that I’ll probably just get them back again. So I’m on a journey to kick this thing ! Prayers for all of you fighting these issues as well

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