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About 11 years ago I was diagnosed with POTS. It took 6 months and 6 doctors to discount my symptoms completely. From the beginning my sudden issues were blamed on stress and anxiety by just about everyone. My immediate family. My friends. My trauma surgeon father in law who said my problems were above his pay grade and I should talk to a pysch dr. I must mention that I learned to cope with anxiety/stress at a young age. Before our family split apart, my brother and I lived in fear and witnessed a lot of bad stuff as kids. So I am well counseled and aware of my emotions. The new symptoms were physical and not emotional. I constantly felt like my body was running a race. I could barely walk, talk, push a grocery cart, read a book to my kid, sleep was almost impossible and I honestly thought I was going to die. I woke up gasping for air multiple times a night. I felt dizzy. The room spun anytime I would move or do anything normal and it what was happening was not normal at all. I had a stress test and just walking on the lowest speed made my heart rate jump about 30 beats immediately and then my BP dropped. The male nurse who was administering the test told me that my hearts reaction was not normal for a 34 year old person. The rest of the was completed along with a gastric emptying study at some point and lots of heart and stomach tests.
2 weeks later, while following up with the cardio doc, once again I was told my issues were anxiety and all was normal. He ordered me back to my gp for a med change or a new psychologist. I was crushed. Women are lumped into a category by a large majority of male doctors as having a mental issue that is causing a physical problem. I saw my gp. A caring young dr who was my age. He and his wife had treated my husband and myself for several years. He believed me. He referred me to Cleveland Clinic. I called, the schedulers put me with the right dr and within 15 mins of our 1st visit, Dr Jaeger was pretty sure he had his diagnosis. I came back and did about 6 tests to confirm and I have been ok.
My POTS used to make me feel horrible of course with the normal symptoms and then I got better. I could function. Make dinner, shower, work. Physical therapy helped a bit plus an extra 6 tsp of salt per day and 64oz of water really helped! It was great!
I had just turned 35. We decided to have another baby. It went well and aftermath youngest son was born my POTS was so good. Increased blood flow and an iron pill plus lots of fluids helped so much. It wore off and I back slid a bit. Extreme diarrhea along with major swings in my BP made life unbearable again. I developed severe diarrhea that lasted for about 5 years years. Stomach drs of course did all the tests and prescribed meds but nothing helped. They said to come back in 6 months. That was about 6 months before the pandemic. Slowly my stomach problems changed though. Recently my stomach is more out of whack. It hurts and cramps even after taking all of my pills. I have terrible constipation, my stomach starts out ok in the am and by pm I look 5 months pregnant and the pain is unbearable. The cramping is awful and so much gas and then I try to go but sometimes cant. The cramping always happens and then the blood. When I do go its blood clots sometimes, liquid blood that pours out or sprays out, only waste sometimes and/or both. I get dry heaves and throw up a lot and most always have very acidic reflux. I have not been diagnosed with gastroparesis but it sure sounds like it. I need to find a new Dr as mine has retired. Any suggestions for the best drs to handle both? Thanks so much

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