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It all started when I was 7 weeks pregnant, the heartburn, the fast heartbeat like pounding drum that I even could hear it in my ears. I put it down to being pregnant, I suffered throughout my pregnancy and lost alot of weight because I just couldn’t stand to eat anything because it would repeat on me all day aka burps and also sick. It wasn’t till 2 weeks after having my son, I had the most scariest night of my life. My heart was racing like it was going to take its last beat, I couldn’t catch my breath everytime I would tired to sleep I would awake gasping for air. I was taken to A&E I thought I was having a heartache only for the doctor I dismiss me and tell me it was GERD. They put me on medication, which eased the symptoms. It has not gone away after a year of change diet or exercise. Its horrible not knowing when it will strike or when the fast heartbeat kicks in. Makes me panic and stress, which is not good when you suffer from GERD.

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