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After a near fatal motorcycle accident in late 2017, I underwent 6+ extensive spine and pelvic repair surgeries. Ever since, I have had severe gastroparesis symptoms and diagnosed shortly after. Going through almost 2 years of constant nausea and vomiting, GERD, and just overall ill health, I moved to California and re-connected with my gastroenterologist from MD and he has been very attentive to my needs and complaints. I’m finally on a medication regime that works for me and have not had a GP flare for almost 6 months! Find a great, knowledgeable, caring GI doctor who also works on clinical research for your diagnosis. They will be able to help give the most up-to-date information on your condition and what is working through clinical trials for your condition(s). I’m very grateful to have found a physician who cares. I was being hospitalized for almost 1-2 weeks at a time every 2-3 months. It was awful. But now I’m doing much better and I can’t express enough how much less stress I am under due to my own health.

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