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I am an elderly woman who has suffered with chronic constipation for years..My days now revolve around whether or not I can have a bowel movement…I have been prescribed just about every laxative known to mankind..I was on mirilax for about 5 years, but it is now no longer effective…My heart goes out to the younger people in your stories who have had to suffer through horrible intestinal issues – being so young..I know how their life is being affected..Now I suffer with frequent bouts of stomach and rectal pain and have ended up in the ER numerous times because of the inability to have a bowel movement – Im old now and because of these numerous trips to the ER – the pain is excrutiating – I feel as though I am being “looked down upon” or being heavily criticized because I have had to resort to traveling to the hospital so many times..Life has certainly not been good living each day with pain and discomfort – impacting every aspect of daily living …My heart goes out to every person who has shared their personal story…God Bless…

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